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Dorim sa readucem la viata EzraMu Online Server, dar asta nu putem decat impreuna cu voi, e simplu trebuie doar sa ne spui modul in care iti place sa joci si noi vom face tot posibilul sa retrezim MU-ul din tine .

Main Info:

Version Season 9 Ep. II
Experience 30x
Drop 40%
Reset YES
Clear PK From website
Clear Inventory From website (doesn`t affect equipped items or expandable inventory)
Debug Character in Lorencia From Website
Grand Reset Function From website (Reward 500 Wcoins + 500 Coins + 5.000 add Points.No Item FO/FS +15 Reward)
Keep Stats after Reset YES
Limit Accounts 2 Single Accounts on Station(PC/Laptop)
Donate system Amount donated activate automatically desired Wcoins/Coins without contact GM
Max Level 400
Points Per Level 5/7
Guild Create Level 300
Max Stats 32.000 ADD POINT
X Shop YES
Multiple Seal NO(Seal system will work even if you are online or offline)
Project Alive 4 September 2015

New in this Season

New Map: Arkania
New Maps: All Maps from official Webzen
New Map: Urk Mountain - Enter is from Spirit Map/Acheron
All New Event from Season 9  
New MU Roomy Game  
New Party Matching System  
New Guild Matching System  
New Muun System  
New Acheron Guardian Event  
New Transformations Rings  
New Wings  
New Reconnect System  
New Personal Store System  
New Market Wall System  
New MiniMap System (all spot locations on minimap)  
New Party Info System  
New Event Inventory System  
New Snake Event System(Green,Yellow,Purple)  

Agility BUG*

Does not exist on this Server

Create Character Info:

Level 1
Add Point 0
Zen 1.000.000
Item 2 Ring


Reset level > 400
Price 50.000.000 Zen
Clear Stats OFF
Clear Inventory OFF
Add BONUS STATS 0 Add points
Max Resets 999

Create Character Information

Magic Gladiator Level Req 220
Dark Lord Level Req 250
Summoner Level Req 350
Rage Fighter Level Req 400

Party Information

Party Extra Exp Min/Max +30% - +80%

Duel Information

Gladiators Glory Extra Exp +30x
Gladiators Glory Extra Drop +10%
Duel Minim Level 30

Chat Information

Global Post Min Level 50
Global Post Cost 100.000 Zen
Other Chat Cost Free

Gens System Information

Gens Min Level 50
Gens Allow Join In Party Yes
Gens Allow Join In Guild Yes
Allow Join If Guild Member Is In Other Gens No
Gens Allow Join In Guild Alliance Yes
Allow rejoin in Gens Afther 3 Days
Allow Party With Other Gens Yes
Allow Duel With Same Gens Yes
Allow War With Same Gens Yes
Allow Guild Alliance With Other Gens No

Marry System Information

Marry System Enable Yes
Marry Map Devias 2
Marry Special Shop Yes / Devias 2
Marry Command /marry Nickname, /acceptmarry, /getmarry, /divorce, /tracemarry, /forcedivorce, /divorce
Marry /Divorce Cost 2.000.000 Zen
Marry /ForceDivorce Cost 20.000.000 Zen
Marry Divorce Info After execute /divorce or /forcedivorce switch character
Marry Trace Info Move to your WIFE/HUSBAND with command /tracemarry

PcPoint System Information

PcPoint System Enable Yes
Get PcPoint Win PCPoint when MIX on Goblin Machine

Vault System Information

MultiVault System Can reopen vault after 30 Seconds with command /vault 1, /vault 2, /vault 3

Item information

Item Plus Limit +15
Excellent Item Plus Limit +15 at Goblin Machine(Item Mall +13 FO/FS)
Ancient Item Plus Limit +15
Maxim Excellent Option 4
Ancient Item with Excellent Option On
Ancient Item with Pink Harmony option On
Yellow + Pink + Excellent On
Socket + Excellent OFF
Socket 5 Slots

Goblin Machine and Mix Information

Goblin Chaos Weapon Min/Max Percent 0/100 %
Goblin Wings Level 1 Min/Max Percent 0/100%
Goblin Dinorant Mix Min/Max Percent 70/100%
Goblin Fruit Mix Percent 90%
Goblin Cape Probability mix 40%
Goblin Wings Level 2 Min/Max Percent 0/90%
Goblin Condor Feather Mix/Min Percent 0/90%
Goblin Wings level 3 Min/Max Percent 0/40%
Item Excellent Probability For wings level 3 probability is 25%, and for CAPE is 20%.
Dark Horse Mix Min/max Percent 18/60%
Dark Spirit Mix Min/Max Percent 18/60%
Goblin Potion Castle Siege Mix Percent 100%
Goblin Red Fenrir Percent 100%
Goblin Blue Fenrir Percent 50%
Goblin Black Fenrir Percent 39%
Goblin Golden Upgrade Max Percent 79%
Socket Seed Mix/Max Success Rate 0/85%
Socket Extract Seed Chaos Mix Base Rate 80%
Blood Castle Invitation Mix Percent 80%
Devil Square Invitation Level 1/7 Mix Percent 45/50/55/60/65/70/75
Goblin Plus Item mix Luck Add Percent +10%
Rate Success System 100% / 10.000


Imperial Fortress Every Day.
DoppelGanger Every Day.
Castle Siege Every Sunday 12:00 Server Time.
Loren Deep Every Day 20:00 Server Time .
Cry Wolf Every Day 17:45,21:45 Server Time.
Devil Square Every Day.
Blood Castle Every Day.
Chaos Castle Every Day.
Illusion Temple Every Day.
Swamp of Peace Every Day.
Rabbit Invasion Every Day.
Pouch of Blessing Invasion Every Day.
Golden Monster Invasion Every Day.
White Wizard Invasion Every Day.
Kantaru Event Every Day.
LaCleon/Raklion Every Day.
Last Man Standing Every Day.
Acheron Protector Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat 21:30 Server Time.
Happy Hour Every Day 19:00 Server Time.
Arca War Every Wednesday 18:00 Server Time.
Tournament Square 1 Time Per Month.
Chaos Castle Survival 1 Time Per Month.
Kundun Creed Hunting Every Day.

Web Functions:

Item Mall Enable.
Reset Level Reset Character.
Grand Reset Master Reset Character.
Vote & Reward Get 5 Coins every 12 Hours.
Your Feedback Your opinion/suggestions is important for us.
Bug Report Feel the form for every bug you find and will resolve in a short time.
Grand Reset Master Reset Character.
Get Wcoins/Coins Donate using Paypal only.
Logout Logout from your web account.

Edit Account:

Change CH. Name With your character offline will cost you 2000 Coins.
Change Password Change your password account.
Clear Player Kill Pk Clear character.
Clear Inventory Clear character inventory not equipped items or expandable Inventory.
Debug Character Move character in Lorencia Town.


Top Duel Rank  
Boss Monster  
Gold Monster  
Arca Battle  
MU Rummy  
Blood Castle  
Devil Square  
Illusion Temple  
Imperial Fortress  
Forum Forum Server:

Goblin Machine Success Rate:

Jewel of Life 70%

Jewel Success Rate:

Jewel of Bless (+1 - +6) 100%
Jewel of Soul (+7 - +9) 40% - (80%)*
Jewel of Life 70%
Chaos Machine (+10 - +13) 60% / 60% / 55% / 40% - +14 +15 No Work on CM

In game Commands:

/post Global Chat Message (10.000.000 Zen)
/pkclear PK Reset Level (50.000.000 Zen*PkLevel)
/agi Add stats to Agility (Max: 1000, 10 000 Zen)
/str Add stats to Strength (Max: 1000, 10 000 Zen)
/ene Add stats to Energy (Max: 1000, 10 000 Zen)
/vit Add stats to Vitality (Max: 1000, 10 000 Zen)
/cmd Add stats to Command (Max: 1000, 10 000 Zen)


E-mail: [email protected]